True North attends Marine Corps Scholarship Leatherneck Ball

This month True North had the great opportunity to attend the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation’s Annual Leatherneck Ball on October 6th!

So many wonderful people were able to come support and sponsor the event, hosted at The Plaza in New York City.

We had the opportunity to hear from some inspirational MCSF alumni as well as the one and only Ken Langone, co-founder of Home Depot. Ken’s speech was one to remember as he spoke about the importance of volunteerism and that the most precious thing you can give someone isn’t your money but your time and knowledge. Ken believes that the true form of “charity is in what you do” and the relationships you make with those around you!

Greg Parsons, CEO of Semper Capital Management and Founder of True North, knows this all too well as he dedicates his time and shares his experience as a member of the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation board. He was even honored at the event as a member of the Scarlett & Gold Committee.

The next Leatherneck Ball will take place this next May and we are very excited to attend again in 2022!